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Made to order natural beauty products
    • Shampoos 
    • Lotions
    • Bath & Shower Gels
    • Bar Soap
    • Sea Salt and Sugar Scrubs
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Shea Butter
    • Coco Butter
    • Mango Butter
    • Coconut Butter

 "Made with you in mind.The way it should be." 

Skin Care Products

Here at Joelle's Essentials we have a wide variety of skin care products and custom skin care products. We prioritize your overall wellness and make it our goal to provide the best beauty products. If you are interested in our custom beauty supplies, stop by! 

Clear up your skin and feel confident again with our skin care products, maybe you need a treatment to give your skin that vibrant youthful look again. All of our treatments are natural and healthy so you don't have to worry about hard chemicals.

If you are in need of skin care products and organic body products, call Joelle's Essentials (804) 601-1917 for more information.

Custom Essential Oils

Joelle's Essentials is a natural oil supplier that believes in its products. We use a variety of healing oils, such as chamomile oil and frankincense oil, in our products. Whether you are looking to purchase tea tree oil or basil oil in its natural form, or if you are interested in our other beauty supplies, such as our handmade soaps and more, give us a call.

Our products are specially made. Each oil can be used for different treatments and some even for cooking. When you buy custom essential oils or holistic oil products from us, you will not be disappointed. We carry peppermint oil, myrrh oil and much more.

Let Joelle's Essentials help with your Oil Blend needs.